Marcela Fuentes

Marcela Fuentes is Ph.D. in Performance Studies by New York University. She currently teaches at the Department of Performance Studies of the School of Communication at Northwestern University. Her work focuses on the relationship between performance and digital technology in the interventionist and protest art of the late twentieth century and early 21st century. Her manuscript In the Event of Performance: Bodies, Tactical Media, and Politics in the Americas, under contract with the University of Michigan Press, investigates the changing relationships between embodied performance and mediation as control and resistance techniques in neoliberal states. Her teaching interests include politics and performance, performative art, social art tactics, transnational performances, decorporization and affection theories, digital humanities and performances as an area of ​​research. She is a member of the Committee of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and has been a founding member and administrative editor of e-misférica, a journal with referees of said institute. Professor Fuentes also works as a performer, director and playwright.