Ph. D., Cornell University, 2001

Pablo J. Boczkowski (Ph.D., Cornell University, 2001) is Professor of Communication Sciences and Director of the Masters in Leadership in Creative Business at Northwestern University. His research program examines the transition from print to digital media, especially in the case of journalism from a comparative perspective. He is the author of three books – Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers (MIT Press, 2004, published in Spanish as Digitize the News: Innovation in Online Journals, Ediciones Manantial, 2006); News at Work: Imitation in an Age of Information Abundance (University of Chicago Press, 2010); The News Gap: When the Information Preferences of the Media and the Public Diverge (MIT Press, 2013, in co-authorship with Eugenia Mitchelstein, published in Spanish as The news gap: The divergence between media preferences and the public , Editions Manatial, 2015) -compiler of Media Technologies: Essays on Communication, Materiality and Society (MIT Press, 2014, in conjunction with Tarleton Gillespie and Kirsten Foot); and more than twenty articles in magazines and books. His current projects include a compilation on the future of studies on digital journalism-Remaking the News, to be published by The MIT Press; in conjunction with Chris Anderson-and an ethnographic research on the deterioration of printed journalism in Buenos Aires, Chicago and Paris, in collaboration with Eugenia Mitchelstein and Ignacio Siles.