Eugenia Mitchelstein & Pablo Boczkowski for Infobae: Data Science and its impact in the economy, politics and society

Our directors, Eugenia Mitchelstein and Pablo J. Boczkowski, analyzed the impact of data science in the economy, politic and society. They affirmed: “Why is there this abundance of information? One of the distinguishing characteristics of digital technology is that every time we use one of its products or services we leave a trace of our actions. For example, when reading this note the server that makes it available on your screen records whether you access from a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet, how much time you spend reading it, and which page it comes from and which page it goes to next, among other data. ”

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In addition, relive the presentation of Sandra González Bailón “Decoding the social world: Data Science and the involuntary consequences of communication” in which she explained how communication generates social dynamics that lead to episodes of “collective effervescence” and discusses the mechanisms that underlie to large-scale dissemination, when information and behavior spread rapidly.