Second #EncuentroEnMESO 2017: “Fiction: from the television to the cell phone”

The second #EncuentroEnMESO of 2017 analyzed the evolution of audiovisual fiction, with a focus on production in Argentina. The event was attended by the writer and screenwriter Erika Halvorsen, Juan Manuel Lucero, from Google News Lab, and Andrea Mallimaci, from the University of Buenos Aires, as moderator.
The event, titled “Fiction: from the television to the cell phone”, operated as a space for dialogue and reflection on the future of audiovisual content. Thus, the speakers stressed the importance that formats and narratives change as screens multiply and consumer experiences diversify. In this context, Juan Manuel Lucero emphasized the new practices that accompany the consumption of fiction: “Faced with the breakdown of collective experience, digital practices emerge that try to recreate these primitive experiences of sharing, for example Twitter.”
In the context of an engaging dialogue, the three participants agreed on the importance of encouraging local production. In this way, Juan Manuel Lucero reflected on the importance of focusing on the Argentine audience and on the importance of generating a taste for cinema and local content. Erika Halvorsen, meanwhile, stressed that “public policies are essential to boost national production.”