The Politics of Contextualization in the Contextualization of Political Communication Research. Pablo J. Boczkowski& Eugenia Mitchelstein

“Hernando Rojas and Sebastián Valenzuela have made a forceful and eloquent case for greater contextualization in political communication research. Although explicitly it is an essay about epistemology, in this commentary we will treat Rojas and Valenzuela’s proposal as an eminently political text, an intervention in the power dynamics of knowl-
edge making, since at its core it addresses the relational imbalance in the ability to make claims and get them legitimated in academic discourse (Emerson, 1962). Who gets to speak? About which topics? And, in what ways? Conversely, whose voices, what topics, and which perspectives are not bestowed comparable levels of visibility as those who routinely have the spotlight?”

Full commentary available here.

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