“Vivir En Las Redes”: New Article by MESO in Revista Anfibia

The article, written by Mora Matassi, Pablo J Boczkowski and Eugenia Mitchelstein, is based on in-depth interviews conducted by the MESO team and develops the idea of living in networks. The authors explain that nowadays young people do not use social platforms as objects, but rather experience them as if they were environments that they experience in their daily lives. To describe this phenomenon, we propose a series of urban metaphors: Facebook as the avenue, Instagram as the parade, Twitter as the newsstand, Snapchat as the carnival and WhatsApp as the coffee shop. Through these networks, young people “distribute” their ways of presenting themselves, their relationship with the world, the activities they perform, and their perception of the passage of time. Access to the full article (in Spanish): http://www.revistaanfibia.com/ensayo/vivir-en-las-redes/