Slacktivism online: entrevista a Sandra González-Bailón, investigadora afiliada de MESO

Sandra González-Bailón, profesora en la Annenberg School for Communication de la University of Pennsylvania e investigadora afiliada de MESO, fue entrevistada sobre slacktivism online y participación en la web.

Communication networks have always been instrumental in the growth of social movements: they create the channels through which information travels, and this helps raise awareness and recruit new people to the political cause. Digital technologies and social media have radically transformed how information is created and disseminated: it is now possible for anyone to document events and spread the news, bypassing more traditional forms of media. Of course, online networks are not always the most efficient conduits of information: think about all the tweets that never get retweeted, or all the videos in YouTube that sink into oblivion soon after they appear. Sometimes, however, online networks are the great amplifier that turns the efforts of a minority into global news. The question my research looks to answer is: What is so special about online networks that allow them to spread news and information like wildfire?”

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