Ph. D., Northwestern University, 2015

Eugenia Mitchelstein (Ph.D., Northwestern University, 2015) is an associate professor in the Social Sciences department and director of the Communication Degree at the University of San Andrés. Her research agenda examines the interaction between political communication, new media and citizen participation. In her doctoral thesis, she analyzed the dynamics of media attention, information acquisition and citizen participation in contexts with different levels of access to digital technology and political activity. She is co-author, along with Pablo Boczkowski, of The News Gap: When the Information Preferences of the Media and the Public Diverge (MIT Press, 2013). In addition, she studies, together with Pablo Boczkowski and Ignacio Siles, the decline of printed newspapers in Buenos Aires, Chicago and Paris and their implications for democratic life. The projects are linked by interest in interdisciplinary research, based on studies on communication, politics and science and technology.